“Rangaroon” The New Rural Destination  This forgotten vicinity Picnic Tour spot is located to the east of Darjeling town. The altitude is about 2 thousand meter from sea level and the distance from Darjeeling town is nearly 16 km. Rangaroon is situated right below world famous Tourist destination Tiger hill and the jeep able road divers from 3rd Mile or Cinchona on way to Peshok Road. Surrounded by the oldest Sinchel wildlife sanctuary and Rungdung, Rangaroon echoes the proud possession of historic Botanic Garden, Forest Dak Bungalow, solitary picnic tour spot and the trek route of the Himalayan Mountaineering

For any mountain biker, the thought of escaping to a hill station with its panoramic views is extremely enticing. Add to that a dedicated cyclist park and you will have literally no reasons to not ride out at this very moment. On Sunday, Darjeeling became the first hill station in India to get a mountain biking park along a 20-km stretch through the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. Bikers can now ride through the forest cover, undisturbed by vehicles that will be prohibited from the region. The trail will originate at the sanctuary’s main gate near Jorbangla and finish at the state tourism guesthouse situated in

Singalila trek is the most popular and rewarding trek for trekkers with about a weeks’ time at their disposal. Singalila trek starts after an early mornings drive of about an hour and a half from Darjeeling to Maneybhanjyang a small village inhabited by the Buddhist- Sherpas.  From here one can get a view of the trekking route which is an awesome, near vertical climb. The first camp_site is at Tonglu which is 11kms from Maneybhanyang through dense evergreen forests and hillsides covered with wild flowers. Tonglu at 3070 metres overlooking the entire Darjeeling Hills offers a breathtaking Mountain View of

Fifty kilometers from Siliguri and thirty from Darjeeling at an elevation of 4,864 feet, stands the hill station of kurseong.  The natural advantage of a congenial climate and elevation, lush green forests and tea plantation over slopes and ridges, magnificent views of the panoramic setting of snow_clad peaks make this tiny Himalayan hill station worth exploring.  Located at a lower elevation for those who dislike the serve winters of Darjeeling, kurseong enjoys a mider and a very healthy climate throughout the year.  It is the peace, serenity and the healthy climate of Kurseong, that attracted many a great person to

Trekking is the best way in which one can absorb all the beautiful flavours of a place and observe the lands closely. Your connection with the land, while you walk on them, escalates your love for nature in no time. And while in the hills, your bonhomie with the place can never be complete if you fail to plan a trek around the mystical mountains. The Singalila ridge Trek, beyond all doubt, makes sure that you explore the hidden mysteries of the magnificent mountains in the closest possible way, while also strengthening your bonds with them.

Any sort of adventure travel is fun but nothing comes close to the joy of trekking. For those who have trekked will agree that trekking is more about learning and staying put. And, the magnitude of adrenaline rush is definitely of a different kind courtesy the enchanting views one enjoys while at it. But if it happens to be your first trek, the feeling is exciting yet overwhelming.
So, in order to get the maximum thrill out of your first trek, doing your homework about the trek and brushing up on basic trekking tips is important. If you have planned your first trek already but are still nervous about the dos and don’ts, fret not, here are 7 trekking tips that will help you sail through like a pro.

You might think this will never happen to you, but when you consider that the Earth is struck by more than 100 lightning bolts every second,2 it doesn’t sound so far-fetched, does it? If you live in the US, you have a 1 in 3,000 chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime. Knowing what to do if it happens can save your life.

Don’t lie down: If you lie down, an electrical current passing through the ground from a nearby lightning strike can pass right through your body.
Crouch low: Crouch low so you’re not the tallest object around, and at the same time keep your feet close together with your heels touching. This will help the electricity to go in one foot and out the other. Crouch as low to the ground as you can.
Crouch on the balls of your feet: This way, a minimal surface of your body is touching the ground and, if a lightning strike does come through you off the ground, the current will most likely travel up one leg and down the other, missing vital organs like your heart.

We couldn’t have picked a better day if we’d tried. Paragliding on the one day of our stay in Darjeeling that it didn’t cloud over by mid morning. In other words . . . amazing views of both Darjeeling and Kanchenjunga!

Darjeeling is situated on several steep hills. There is one main street through the city and several other narrow crowded streets branching off. Some corners so sharp they require 3-point turns. It’s a crazy mess of honking vehicles and people either rushing or meandering in all directions. I had no idea how to show or express this but I think the photos below give at least a bit of perspective.

From the center of town we drove up yet another steep hill with a driver and our two paragliding pilots. As we were putting on the harnesses, my pilot, Harish, gave me some great advice. In halting English he said, “During flight, don’t touch buckles.” I burst out laughing. Don’t worry! I won’t touch any buckles!