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This course is offered to school children between 8 years to 25 years of age. Adventure Course is based on “Outward Bound Movement” to adjudge the hidden capabilities of teenagers through the outdoor pursuits. Students are trained in Rock Climbing (both Artificial and Natural), Mountain Rescue, Snow and Ice Craft. They are also put in various types of obstacles, bush craft, gorilla wars, river crossing and night navigation.

Adventure Course are a media where students will come through a experience of witnessing ‘in real’ what they read or should know about India.

Our basic adventure course for older participants gives a solid grounding in all climbing and camping activities. Knots, rope handling, safety procedures and camp craft are all taught. Trainees then have the chance to try out sport climbing, rock climbing, rappelling and river crossing. A short but intense program!.

OUR INSTRUCTORS: Comes from different backgrounds and cultural set-ups. This provides a variety in cultural exchange and first hand ‘feel’ of various societies and cultures of India. All instructors are certified MOI (Method of Instruction) which is highest professional course in India. You have to score “A” grade in Basic Mountaineering Course then one is eligible for Advance Mountaineering Course- and having “A” grade in Advance, one is qualified to undertake METHOD OF INSTRUCTION course in only 3 mountaineering schools of India.

  1. Western Himalayas Mountaineering Institute ( Manali )
  2. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute ( Darjeeling )
  3. Nehru Institute of Mountaineering ( Uttarkashi)

The various adventure programmers on offer at off road are our raison d’être. They are what the off road was first formed to provide. This is where we aim to impact both the practical skills to safely venture into the wilds and to show both instruction and example what having an adventurous spirit really means. Teaching sessions provide the introductory skills and knowledge needed for each activity. These are followed by intensive practice on the wall or out on the nearby crags and hills. On longer courses, the finale is a supervised but self-organized trek which gives trainees the chance to bring all their skills together.



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Cliff jumping in teesta
Cliff Jumping