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Camping in Tiger Hill Darjeeling has been started by off road adventure since 2011, Tiger Hill is located 11km (6.8 miles) from Darjeeling town and above Ghoom. It’s the highest point in the Darjeeling area at an altitude of 8482 feet (or 2590 meters).Tiger hill has earned international fame for the magnificent view of the sunrise over the “Kanchenjunga” and the great eastern Himalayan Mountains. Even Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, is visible from here. The hesitant rays of the early morning sun paint these peaks in pale gold. True that the blaze of rapidly changing colours of the snow peaks as the sun strikes is an awesome view, but Tiger Hill is great even otherwise. It’s a destination by itself offering not just great views during sunrise, it’s a place where you can soak yourself with Himalayan serenity anytime during the day. The view of Darjeeling from tiger hill is also mesmerizing. Off road adventure has started camping in Tiger Hill Darjeeling for Two Main Reasons:
1. Well there is no person in world who doesn’t like adventure and our camping of tiger hill will give you a adventurous experience of camping. It’s also a way to be more close to nature and enjoy true atmosphere of hilly region of Darjeeling. A windy place with zero visibility coz of Fog and you with your friends and families in camping tiger hill, One can only experience a different kind of fun and peace.
2. If you are in Darjeeling then there are 100 percent chances of your trip to tiger hill Early Morning( drive to tiger hill from Darjeeling at 3 am for sunrise), Overnight Camping in Tiger Hill will not to make you Wake early morning and drive a hour to reach tiger hill from Darjeeling for sunrise, well in season time vehicle can’t even reach tiger hill as of heavy traffic so you might half to walk a kilometre. Our Camping in Tiger hill Darjeeling will make it easy for you as we will wake you before half n hour and you can go for sunrise in time with no rush.
Adventurous experience and must to watch sunrise, Both you get during our Camping in tiger hill. A Trip for life every person visiting Darjeeling must try.

  • Jungle Camping
  • Sunrise and Sunset view
  • Panoramic Mountain Views
  • Sacred Temples
  • Wildlife sanctuary

  • All Meals,Lunch/Dinner and Breakfast (Tea, coffee)
  • Guide and Kitchen staffs
  • Transportation Darjeeling to Darjeeling
  • Camping needs (Tent / Sleeping Bag / Mattress / Pillow / Camping Light)

  • Any Medical Insurance
  • Any alcohol drinks, mineral water, cold drinks, cigarettes, etc
  • Any Emergency Expenses which are not included.

common-icon   Guidelines

  • You are advised to bring a pair of shoes and a windproof jacket.
  • You need to be in good health to join the activity hence a thorough medical checkup is advised prior to participating.[spacer height=”20px”]

common-icon   What should I wear?

  • Closed shoes, preferably lace up shoes like sports shoes (required)
  • Long pants (recommended)
  • Light jacket or wind breaker (recommended)
  • Sun cream, hat and sunglasses (recommended)

common-icon   Facts

  • Route : Darjeeling – Jorebungalow – Lamahatta
  • Grade : Moderate
  • Distance in Kilometers : 40 kms (Total 80 kms both side)[spacer height=”20px”]

common-icon   Where do we meet?

Well it depends, if your hotel is located in Darjeeling Town then we can pick you up from the hotel or you may come to our office located at H. D. Lama Road, Near Vodafone Office, Darjeeling.

Additional information


04.00 pm : Pick up from Hotel/Drive to Tiger hill

05.00 pm : Reach Tiger hill, Roam around tiger hill

07.30 pm : Dinner Overnight in Tiger hill

05.30 am : Sunrise View

08.00 am: Breakfast

09.00 am: Drive Back to Darjeeling

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Is camping in Tiger hill safe?

Camping in Tiger hill is safe.Out Team are always with clients during camping.Our Tiger hill Camping is also in separate location with no disturbance.

Do I need a prior experience for Camping in Tiger Hill?

You don’t need a prior experience for Camping in Tiger hill. Our camping itinerary is designed for everyone to experience the nature closely.

What kind of food will be available??Can we carry snacks and other things to eat during Camping in Tiger hill??

Indian food will be provided ( Rice, Dal, Roti, Sabji etc) , Yes you can carry snacks and other refreshment during camping in Tiger Hill Darjeeling.

Is there electricity at the campsites for charging?

We do not have electricity at the campsites. In case of emergency charging of phones you can ask our campsite manager to help. However, we can`t assure you so better carry portable chargers with you.We will provide Camping light for tents.

How are the lighting arrangements in the night?

All our campsites have portable lamps for lighting up the campsite. Also the tents have their own portable lamps within them.

How big is the tent?

The tents are all high quality 4 person capacity North face / Indian tents.

Can the tent protect against bugs & insects?

The tents used are top quality branded tents. These tents are 100% sealed & water proof & can withstand heavy rains as well. Although the tents are sealed it also has a good ventilation system. You can rest assure that no bugs can enter your tent.

How many tents are setup at the campsite? Can i choose my tent?

The number of tents arranged are as per the groups size which will be conveyed to you during the payment process. We can arrange separate tents for couples as well.

Do i have to know the local language?

You don’t. Our campsite manager is fluent with Hindi.

How many members of your team will be present at the campsite?

We generally have 2 members at every campsite. They will be taking care of all the food, tent, etc. arrangements. They will also be ensuring your safe trip.

Can i get my car to the campsite? Is there parking facility?

Yes you can get your private vehicles. We have a free parking area near all our campsites.

Do you provide sleeping bags?

Yes we do provide sleeping bags. We provide a cushion mattress in the tent for your comfort while sleeping.

How does the booking work?

We operate on a first come first serve basis. The bookings are confirmed only after a 100% payment is made.

How is the washroom facility?

All the campsites have single Indian style washroom. Sometimes we also provide toilet tent depending on size of group.

Will we be mixed with other groups at the campsite?

To maintain the privacy of our campers we set up tents as per individual groups. Two different groups will have their tents setup at a good distance from each other so as to avoid any interference.