Camping in Darjeeling is an activity that can temp any nature lover, especially if one gets a chance to go camping in the extreme Himalayan regions of Darjeeling. The luxuriant land of Darjeeling region gives one a chance to enjoy the amazing beauty of the mountain lands in its originality.

Camping in darjeeling is probably the most ideal way of enjoying the beauties of nature. The Himalayan region in India is one such place. The entire Himalayan region offers fantastic range of camping. Whether you choose wildlife camping or normal camping, Indian topography will fully thrill you. There is not much difference between the wildlife camping and normal camping, except the wildlife camping doesn’t get confined to season or any adventure activity. Camping in darjeeling is a recreational activity and there isn’t any age limit in camping. People one who likes to explore nature and keeps interest in the facts of the nature can take up this camping expedition of Off Road Adventure.

The Himalayan regions are an excellent respite for tourists and people who want an escape from the hot sultry conditions of the plains. This includes the region of the North Bengal. Camping in darjeeling doesn’t need too much of the equipment, except some essential every requirements and tents. But, if you are interested in some other activities during camping, then you may require some. The camps at Darjeeling offer accommodation, catering and a variety of activities like hikes, fishing, nature-tours and rafting which can be provided if needed.


High Altitude Camping at Tonglu Darjeeling

High Altitude Camping in Darjeeling, Tonglu of West Bengal which is Situated at height of 3036 mt (11929 ft) is
1 Day

Camping at Tiger Hill

Camping in Tiger Hill Darjeeling has been started by off road adventure since 2011, Tiger Hill is located 11km (6.8
1 Day

Rafting at Teesta River with Camping

Rafting in Darjeeling with camping facility is a combo adventure package only available through Off Road Adventure, Teesta Camping is
3 Days
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