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+91 9064294450 offroad.darjeeling@gmail.com


Are you booking with an authorized, registered operator?

Off Road Adventure is fully registered with all the India government authorities and the tour and travel associations of India. Many tour companies are not fully compliant with all legal requirements and some so-called trekking / touring agencies do not operate with any permits at all. Some overseas operators hire their staff in India without licenses or taxes being paid to the authorities who could put your trip at risk if something went wrong before your trip or if you had an issue with the operator during your stay in India. As prevention for these problems, take the following questions into consideration prior to verifying your trip with any trekking or travel agency:

Is the company fully insured against accidents happening to their staff?

Yes, Off Road Adventure and its staff are fully insured:

Off Road Adventure carries a $ business liability policy covering its operations and its responsibilities to its clients and Off road adventure not only insures every single porter and guide but pays them well by local standards and provides them the protection of a life insurance policy. They all have warm clothing and proper equipment and shelter for all high altitude treks. We ensure that all our staff is well paid, insured and properly equipped.

Is the company fully registered with the Indian government authorities?

Is the company environmentally conscious?

Is the company have certified guides and instructors??

Is the company registered with the appropriate authorized travel associations?

Does the company have its own bank account with a reputable bank?