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''Clean up Drive at Sandakphu''

World Tourism Day 2018: Our environment matters

Sandakphu Darjeeling



Trekkers wonderland  Sandakphu, preached at the helm of Singalila National Park at an altitude of 3636 meters sandakphu offers the outstanding view of snowcapped Himalayan mountains, Sandakphu is the highest point of west bengal.

This year to celebrate the true spirit of World Tourism Day, Clean up drive will be carried out at Sandakphu 3636 mts on 27th  September 2018. The objective was to make conscious efforts for keeping the tourist places clean and encourage tourism. 

Clean up drive which is organised by tourism department and Off-Road Adventure will be volunteered by an enthusiastic bunch of staffs from  Singalila landrover association, Eastern Himalayan Guide association” and tourism stakeholders of Darjeeling and Sandakphu. Clean up drive will start from Maneybhanjyang covering places like Chitre, Tumling, Tonglu, Gairibans and finally Sandakphu. All Garbage collected inside the singalila national park will be handed over to Maneybhanjyang forest office.

The Role of Tourism on the Environment

The tourism industry is the world’s largest and most complicated industry and this complexity is because of having a strong bond with social, cultural, political and environmental issues. In the meantime, because of the connection between tourism and the environment together, the effects of tourism in this area are more remarkable. It is especially important for tourism stakeholders to take a more proactive role to preserve environmental quality because tourism depends
so heavily on the environment.

''The future of Darjeeling tourism is inextricably linked to the quality of the environment. Our scenic landscapes, rivers, lakes, and cultural heritage are the bedrock upon which tourism of Darjeeling has been built. The economic viability and competitiveness of the Darjeeling tourism industry can only be sustained if the quality of these resources is maintained. ''

Sangay Sherpa
Founder ( Off Road Adventure)