+91 9064294450 offroad.darjeeling@gmail.com
+91 9064294450 offroad.darjeeling@gmail.com
Trekking Equipment hiring darjeeling

”Equipment on Hire”

Off-Road Adventure provides trekking and adventure gear for travellers in Darjeeling and Sikkim. Equipment on Hire provided by off-road adventure is a step to promote adventure tourism in Darjeeling and Sikkim. The hiring of adventure and trekking equipment also helps trekkers and adventure lovers to plan their adventure and trekking accordingly to their way. Off-Road provides trekking equipment like a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, rucksacks etc in a very nominal charge. Travellers can email off-road adventure at offroad.darjeeling@gmail.com  to find more details on this.

While taking the equipment on hire that person has to leave his Identity card, in case of any damages the person who is taking the equipment has to Pay the full amount of that equipment.  No security money will be taken during the hiring of the equipment.

Adventure and trekking equipment on hire is a step taken by the off-road adventure to promote adventure tourism in Darjeeling and Sikkim so we request all to only hire if this equipment will be taken on Purpose of Adventure.

Following are the Equipment list with Hire charge.

Sl. No Name Hire Charge per day       Washing Charge
01. 2 Men A Frame Tent Rs 300 Rs 400
02. 4 Men Dome Tent Rs 450 Rs 500
03. Toilet Tent Rs 200 Rs 250
04. Sleeping Bag Rs 200 Rs 200
05. Ruck Sack Rs 150 Rs 100
06. Mattress Rs 80 Rs 100
07. Carabiner Rs 50
08. Descender Rs 50
09. Rope ( Foreign) Rs 250
10. Rope ( Indian) Rs 250
11. Zumar Rs 80
12. Harness Rs 50