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Paragliding in Darjeeling

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15 to 30 Minutes
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Saint Pauls, Darjeeling
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Tandem Paragliding in Darjeeling

Paragliding darjeeling has been first introduced by Off road adventure in year 2006.Off Road Adventure have been offering tandem flights, instruction and flying tours in Darjeeling till then. As being the only Paragliding activity provider in Darjeeling till date, we are unrivaled in our knowledge of paragliding conditions, sites and local cultures.

The beauty of paragliding in a Himalayan country is incomparable. Darjeeling  unique geography consists of mountains, hills, rivers, lush greenery and much more which adds to a unique paragliding experience. Paragliding in Darjeeling  not only gets you airborne, but allows you to fly like a bird and chances are that you will actually fly with different types of birds including eagles and kites. Leave your worries behind as you will be flown by some of the best pilots available. They know the airspace very well are trained to make your short flight enjoyable to the fullest. This flight offers you an amazing discovery of the valley even if you are a novice. Paragliding in Darjeeling gives you superb views of natural landscape and mountain scenarios.  Paragliding above main Darjeeling town offers the finest sceneries around Darjeeling tea garden including the aerial view of Darjeeling city. You can see the magnificent views of the mountains like Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Kabru, Mt. pandim , Mt sinolchu etc. while flying over the sky. The picturesque views of dense forest, tea gardens and settlements give thrill and amusements with breath taking experience. In this way, paragliding in Darjeeling offers you some of the best panoramic views on the earth.


Short Walk
Taking Off
Departure & Transfer

You will be driven to the hill of Jalapahar, which is hardly 2 km far from Darjeeling town.

After leaving the vehicle, you will walk downhill for about 2 minutes to reach the boarding point.

You will be introduced to and briefed about the take-off, flight and landing by your pilot. Preparations will be done in a matter of a few minutes. You will have some extra time to enjoy a wide angle view of the Rangeroon tea garden below.

After making sure that everything is in order, you will be securely harnessed in with the pilot. Upon getting a signal to go, he will take off and fly you as high as 500 mt or more from the boarding point.

The flight lasts for about 10-30 minutes, depending upon the wind conditions. As you are gliding, you will have unobstructed and fantastic views of the Darjeeling town ,tea gardens, monasteries, hills, mountain peaks and many other points of interest. You can vary your paragliding experience between a regular calm flight to one with acrobatic surprises, depending on the comfort level you develop with your pilot.

The flight concludes when you safely land on the lebong football ground.

After removing the gear and having a short rest, you will be transferred back to Our Office in Darjeeling.

Trip Highlights

Flying Location

  • Tandem Paragliding in Darjeeling
  • Experience the feel of flying during tandem paragliding ride
  • Enjoy aerial views of the world 3rd highest peak
  • Mt Kanchenjunga Aerial View of Darjeeling town
  • Mesmerizing view of Darjeeling tea gardens
  • Take off area : Jalapahar
  • Landing area : Lebong Ground
  • Duration of Fly : 10 to 30 Minutes ( Depending on Wind Conditions)

What should i wear during Paragliding??

What should be my Weight?

  • Preferably lace up shoes like sports shoes (required)
  • Long pants (recommended)
  • Light jacket or wind breaker (recommended)
  • Sun cream, hat and sunglasses (recommended)
  • You should be reasonably fit, weigh between 45kgs - 85 Kgs & should not have severe health problems.
  • Tandem Paragliding requires very little in terms of physical abilities.
What can you expect while paragliding in Darjeeling ??
Still Doubtful , Check What is Tandem Paragliding in Darjeeling??

Enjoy an aerial view of the beautiful Darjeeling and Sikkim Hills in the company of a certified paragliding instructor, as you experience the feeling of flying like a bird during a tandem paragliding ride. All equipment is provided and no experience is necessary! You will have a 10 minute briefing and safety lesson, before embarking on your tandem flight, which will usually last between 10 and 30 minutes depending on weather conditions. With an experienced instructor piloting your flight will Launch From Hill top and soar like a bird along the mountains and over the Darjeeling. All instructors are highly experienced, having performed thousands of tandem flights over many years, and they also have a perfect safety record.

Tandem paragliding means you are seated in a separate harness in front of the pilot where you can sit care-free and enjoy your surroundings, take pictures and talk with your pilot during the flight. It is quite comfortable apart from a large void beneath your feet. The pilot behind you will take care of everything. No training’s needed, you just have to follow pilots instruction before takeoff and landing which is pretty simple.

What happens when I get there?

Here is a step by step guide…

Meet in off road adventure office.

Check in. Sign waivers, re-check of weather conditions.

Meet your pilot. Take a 5-10 minute drive to top.

Take a 2 minute down walk/hike up to the take-off site (Launch)

At launch your pilot will put you into your harness etc.

Take off procedures reviewed.

Take flight, enjoy air time flying from Jalapahar top, views of Darjeeling town and tea gardens with mountains.

Land in the field below. Share high-fives, and pack up gear.

Do we just jump off a mountain while paragliding in Darjeeling?

No. Paragliding is launched from regulated flying sites and together with the instructor, you take some running strides and are gently lifted off the ground as the glider begins to fly.

How long does a flight last?

This varies with the weather, and a passenger’s personal preference. If a paraglider pilot launches from the top of the mountain and is unable to find lift, he would find himself landing at the bottom in approximately 5-12 minutes. Fortunately, Lookout Mountain is frequently “soar able,” meaning sustained glider flight is possible, leaving it up to the pilot to decide when to land. Flight time is generally between 15 and 25 minutes and can last longer if conditions allow (depending on lifting air). Count on the entire experience taking 1 1/2 – 2 hours (summer) from start to finish.

Is a Paraglider the same thing as a parachute?

No, a paraglider is similar to a modern, steerable skydiving canopy, but different in several important ways. The paraglider is foot-launched from the ground either by running down a hill or being towed into the air. The construction is generally much lighter, as it doesn’t have to withstand the sudden shock of opening at high velocities.

What is difference between Tandem Paragliding and solo??

Tandem paragliding is one with Co Pilot ( Pilot will do everything, no training required) and Solo mean to fly alone for which one  should have training and flying experience.

How high can paraglider go up while paragliding in Darjeeling?

A paraglider descends at approximately 200 feet per minute in still air. If the pilot is able to locate thermal air rising faster than this, they will float up with it. Heights of 300-3,000 feet above launch are not uncommon for this site.

Are there restrictions on who can participate?

Aside from the above max weight requirements, there are few restrictions on who can participate. People with pre-existing conditions such as heart problems, unstable bone injuries, pregnancy, or other conditions should refrain from participating.

But Wait... I am afraid of Heights!?! So, there is No Way I could ever Paraglide!

Not surprisingly, we hear that quite often. Really. Very often. Don’t feel at all alone if you have this fear, or perceived fear as the case may be. If you have found your way to this page, you obviously have some dreams of flight, and believe it or not, it’s probably a lot more possible than you think.

Consider this: In our ongoing survey, at least 95% of the people that feel they have a fear of heights, are actually afraid of ‘edges’, or more specifically, from falling off of them. Have you ever flown on an airplane? Did you have a window, or an aisle seat? If you sat by the window, did you look down and enjoy the view? From 30,000′ or more high?!? So really, do you have a fear of heights? Paragliding is quite like that. You feel you are one with the sky, and the fear of the dreaded ‘edge’, or of falling from it, rapidly ‘falls away’ as you experience your first flights.

Is Paragliding in Darjeeling Dangerous?

Any activity has some inherent risk. Paragliding, as with any type of aviation or adventure sport, is no exception.

With the proper education and a healthy awareness of your own personal motivations and attitudes, risk can be a minimal part of your flying experience. We have found that the single most important variable in pilot safety is the pilot himself. We spend a great deal of time educating our students how to evaluate their own skills, their attitudes, motivations, and awareness levels before each and every flight. With the ability to objectively evaluate one’s own “attitude and aptitude”, (which vary with each day), and when appropriate, being able to say to yourself “I don’t feel up to the task today, so I’m not going to fly,” paragliding can be very safe, and one of the most rewarding things you can experience in life. Respect for the sport can make all the difference between a safe pilot and a dangerous one.

Do I need any special equipment while paragliding in darjeeling?

For our Tandem Experience programs, we provide all paragliding specific equipment necessary.

Can I bring my camera while paragliding in darjeeling?

Sure! You’ll need somewhere to stow it while launching and landing, and a tether of some sort is a good idea. We do offer in-flight HD video as an option to all our tandem programs. (Ask for details.)

Are there any restrictions for paragliding in Darjeeling?

We do have weight restrictions in place (45 to 100) depending on client fitness and weather conditions. Lighter people can be accommodated on an individual basis with appropriate weather conditions.

What do I need while paragliding in darjeeling?

You will need sturdy footwear, long pants, wind breaker or light jacket, sun glasses, sun screen, water, and Camera (you’ll be able to use it in flight).

Where do we meet?

Well it depends, if you hotel is located on Darjeeling town then we can pick up from hotel  or you have to come our office which is located at H.D. Lama Road , Near Vodafone office Darjeeling.

Still have Questions regarding paragliding in Darjeeling?

You can email us at offroad.darjeeling@gmail.com and find more details about paragliding in Darjeeling.

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